Argentina is renowned for beef steaks that are outstanding. Less known are the delicious vegetarian dishes in the traditional Argentine cuisine.


Empanadas in the northwest are distinguished for being the best in the nation. Occasionally these are stuffed with some extra fillings along with the cheese like potato or egg, but different than in our Restaurant here in Birmingham, in Argentina these extra fillings are never advertised on the menu.

traditional empanadas from argentina

Excitingly, with aji, a chili and tomato hot dip empanadas are usually served in the north. This is something you’ll adore in case you like spicy food.


Fresh corn and cheese are mixed together with onion to form a big mush that is served wrapped up in a corn husk and boiled. Unwrap your parcel and do the husk is eaten by n’t!

humitas - wrapped corn and cheese

If you are pure vegan, you have to avoid tamales that are like humitas but do feature meat.

Vegetarian Locro

Locro is a favorite local stew made with generally meat, legumes, vegetables and corn. In our restaurant you may get a vegetarian version that’s completely delicious.

vegetarian locro


As it originates from the Andean area of South America it became fairly common on menus in the higher elevation towns of Cachi and Purmamarca. The quinoa dishes are sometimes vegetarian friendly.

vegetarian quinoa dish from the argentinian andes


As with Buenos Aires the Italian influence is still powerful in the rest of the country and pasta will always be an option, even in parilla (barbeque) eateries. There is usually a choice of sauces and pastas with the vegetarian options being sometimes, cheese and tomato pesto. Nonetheless, pasta makes a filling meal (two can probably share one piece) and can be found in various fashions on our menu.

buenos aires pasta and pizza restaurant


Like pasta, pizza is readily discovered with vegetarian toppings. Pizza is popular in Argentina but the quality isn’t comparable to Italian Pizza at all. Latins prefer Pizza with thick bases and plenty of cheese.

Don’t hesitate to request our service personell for vegetarian dishes of the day as well as the chef’s recommendations.