Vino and carne apart, Argentina’s gastronomic pleasures additionally extend to the all important closing course: dessert. Give your taste buds a delectable treat as we research the mouth-watering Argentine desserts on offer!


As the name implies, this really is really a chocolate cake, although quite unlike any other. This sweet treat that is omnipresent is a chocoholics dream: a multilayered cake with an Argentine twist. A layer of dulce de leche mixed with a cream cheese equivalent, followed by another layer of dulce de leche follows one layer of dark chocolate biscuit, and on and on it goes… Before they can be added to every layer, making an already sweet cake even sweeter, the biscuits are dunked in coffee! Did I mention you do need to bake it?

Original Argentinian Dessert: Chocotorta

Whatever chocotorta you pick from our menu, you can be certain it’ll contain the staples: biscuit and dulce de leche.


Rogel, layer cake number two, can definitely give a run for its money to the chocotorta not to be outdone.

An equally decadent choice, this cake hinges on the Argentine national treasure: dulce de leche.

Rogel: Cake from Argentina

This time, you may find it wedged between layers of crispy, paper-thin pastry. Layer upon layer is piled up until you arrive at the centrepiece, a final top layer of decadent whipped Italian meringue. The contrasting textures of crispy pastry with meringue that is gooey are a total success!

Queso y Dulce (de Membrillo)

Literally translating to ‘cheese and (quince) jam’, this off-beat dessert is the best mixture of sweet and tart- with just enough sweet. For those of you who are wondering what quince is, it’s a bumpy pear-like fruit that has been mainly underrated in the remainder of the entire world.

Queso y Dulce Cheese Dessert

The fruit is cooked and then pureed in a food processor, and, thanks to its pectin-rich flesh, sets as a firm and (helpful) sliceable block. Said scrummy block is accompanied by a slice of cheese, either as queso cremoso was referred to by a tough one referred to as a soft one or pategrás. An alternative version replacements dulce de membrillo with dulce de batata (sweet potato jam)

If it’s good for Borges it for us this traditional desert is guaranteed to fill your sweet tooth –!


The flan is topped with caramelised sugar whose sweetness, coupled with the dulce de leche, serves as the best counterpoint to the cool, creamy custard body. Needing just four fundamental ingredients, it’s easy to see flan has become an area staple.


Argentinian Flan Dessert

Arkakaó ice cream

No self-respecting list of desserts that are Argentine would be complete without an ode to ice cream. It really is in Argentina, not Italy, although it of course owes its heritage to the tide of Italian immigration of the late 1800s that this versatile and universally recognisable dessert was perfected.

Arkakaó ice cream

More gloopy in texture than its Italian gelato counterpart, Argentine ice cream is thought gets its exceptional texture and creaminess from the top quality of milk afforded by the nation’s world class cattle. Sizes range from cone or a little cup up to an entire kilo, whilst the varieties are endless, that range from an entire section devoted to, that’s appropriate, dulce de leche, to fruit, to chocolate. The dizzying selection will make your head spin and the incredibly exotic sorbets for example maracuyá -passion fruit- aren’t to be missed.

plate with fresh fruits

No matter your preferences are, cake, fruits or ice cream, you can choose from a broad collection of fine and genuine Argentine desserts in our restaurant.