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5 Argentinian specialities you must taste

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Everyone understands barbecued meat is revered – yet, there are more flavours to find in Argentina. Here are five vital goodies for any traveller.


Asado is a specialty in Argentina. It’s nothing whatsoever like the barbeques of other nations. But in case you just eat asado and set foot in Argentina, you’ll be passing up the remainder of the things that are delightful! Here are a few of the essentials…

For Argentines the term asado refers to grilling meat, but it’s also about bringing together friends and family, whatever is on the grill. One is the boneless part of the diaphragm of the cow, entraña. A piece of flavoured meat that’s covered in a membrane that is tough. Served really succulent, it’s a tasty mouthful to begin off the asado. The other tasty morsel is ribs. They can be served if the wound is the width of a finger when cut into long sections, or in pieces. In any case, removing the meat from a rib bone is among the best parts of the entire thing.

Argentinian Desserts

A Mexican poet once wrote that in this city the ice creams ought to be called poems. And he was correct. The combination of great dairy cows and Italian immigration from Las Pampas created one of the very serious ice cream conventions on earth, with surnames like Sopelsa or Persicco and fantasy ones like Jauja Chungo or Altra Volta. In a few areas you’ll locate a few of variations: frozen, with chocolate chips; dulce de leche that is superb; with reddish berries or bananas. In any case, one thing is certain: remember it for ever and attempt it.


Whether for breakfast, elevenses, a show of a memento or affection, alfajores consistently are a strong favourite among Argentines and do the job. Anything you do, ensure you own a carton of Alfajores stuffed into your tote for the journey home.

Traditional Alfajores from Argentina


Throughout Latin America you’ll locate empanadas. These fried or baked pastries might be full of ham and cheese, vegetables, meat or a number of other things. The Arabs devised them and made popular on the continent by the Spaniards. In every neighbourhood, you’ll locate areas to purchase them. Determined by the state, they come in various sizes, and consistently with meat as their foundation. In Salta, they may be with and miniature green onions and potatoes; in Tucuman, they’re bigger with more onion and cumin; In Mendoza, they’re baked in a clay oven with olives.

High elevation crimsons

There are lots of wine regions on the planet which have high wineries. But Argentina boasts something quite exceptional: wineries reaching 3,100 meters, with the majority of quality production at between and 2,000 meters. These states create quite expressive, colourful crimsons, something we Argentines enjoy. Most will consent without a lot of persuasion, that a crimson that is good ought to be dark like petroleum, and nothing beats drinking one whilst and going to Salta, Mendoza or La Rioja.

Wine glasses with fine Argentina Medoc

As you dream of a visit to Argentina and future delicacies if you any mountains, you always have the option to drink them in your favourite Argentinian restaurant.

Mouth watering argentine desserts for lovers of Dulce du Leche

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Vino and carne apart, Argentina’s gastronomic pleasures additionally extend to the all important closing course: dessert. Give your taste buds a delectable treat as we research the mouth-watering Argentine desserts on offer!


As the name implies, this really is really a chocolate cake, although quite unlike any other. This sweet treat that is omnipresent is a chocoholics dream: a multilayered cake with an Argentine twist. A layer of dulce de leche mixed with a cream cheese equivalent, followed by another layer of dulce de leche follows one layer of dark chocolate biscuit, and on and on it goes… Before they can be added to every layer, making an already sweet cake even sweeter, the biscuits are dunked in coffee! Did I mention you do need to bake it?

Original Argentinian Dessert: Chocotorta

Whatever chocotorta you pick from our menu, you can be certain it’ll contain the staples: biscuit and dulce de leche.


Rogel, layer cake number two, can definitely give a run for its money to the chocotorta not to be outdone.

An equally decadent choice, this cake hinges on the Argentine national treasure: dulce de leche.

Rogel: Cake from Argentina

This time, you may find it wedged between layers of crispy, paper-thin pastry. Layer upon layer is piled up until you arrive at the centrepiece, a final top layer of decadent whipped Italian meringue. The contrasting textures of crispy pastry with meringue that is gooey are a total success!

Queso y Dulce (de Membrillo)

Literally translating to ‘cheese and (quince) jam’, this off-beat dessert is the best mixture of sweet and tart- with just enough sweet. For those of you who are wondering what quince is, it’s a bumpy pear-like fruit that has been mainly underrated in the remainder of the entire world.

Queso y Dulce Cheese Dessert

The fruit is cooked and then pureed in a food processor, and, thanks to its pectin-rich flesh, sets as a firm and (helpful) sliceable block. Said scrummy block is accompanied by a slice of cheese, either as queso cremoso was referred to by a tough one referred to as a soft one or pategrás. An alternative version replacements dulce de membrillo with dulce de batata (sweet potato jam)

If it’s good for Borges it for us this traditional desert is guaranteed to fill your sweet tooth –!


The flan is topped with caramelised sugar whose sweetness, coupled with the dulce de leche, serves as the best counterpoint to the cool, creamy custard body. Needing just four fundamental ingredients, it’s easy to see flan has become an area staple.


Argentinian Flan Dessert

Arkakaó ice cream

No self-respecting list of desserts that are Argentine would be complete without an ode to ice cream. It really is in Argentina, not Italy, although it of course owes its heritage to the tide of Italian immigration of the late 1800s that this versatile and universally recognisable dessert was perfected.

Arkakaó ice cream

More gloopy in texture than its Italian gelato counterpart, Argentine ice cream is thought gets its exceptional texture and creaminess from the top quality of milk afforded by the nation’s world class cattle. Sizes range from cone or a little cup up to an entire kilo, whilst the varieties are endless, that range from an entire section devoted to, that’s appropriate, dulce de leche, to fruit, to chocolate. The dizzying selection will make your head spin and the incredibly exotic sorbets for example maracuyá -passion fruit- aren’t to be missed.

plate with fresh fruits

No matter your preferences are, cake, fruits or ice cream, you can choose from a broad collection of fine and genuine Argentine desserts in our restaurant.

Delicious vegetarian argentinian food

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Argentina is renowned for beef steaks that are outstanding. Less known are the delicious vegetarian dishes in the traditional Argentine cuisine.


Empanadas in the northwest are distinguished for being the best in the nation. Occasionally these are stuffed with some extra fillings along with the cheese like potato or egg, but different than in our Restaurant here in Birmingham, in Argentina these extra fillings are never advertised on the menu.

traditional empanadas from argentina

Excitingly, with aji, a chili and tomato hot dip empanadas are usually served in the north. This is something you’ll adore in case you like spicy food.


Fresh corn and cheese are mixed together with onion to form a big mush that is served wrapped up in a corn husk and boiled. Unwrap your parcel and do the husk is eaten by n’t!

humitas - wrapped corn and cheese

If you are pure vegan, you have to avoid tamales that are like humitas but do feature meat.

Vegetarian Locro

Locro is a favorite local stew made with generally meat, legumes, vegetables and corn. In our restaurant you may get a vegetarian version that’s completely delicious.

vegetarian locro


As it originates from the Andean area of South America it became fairly common on menus in the higher elevation towns of Cachi and Purmamarca. The quinoa dishes are sometimes vegetarian friendly.

vegetarian quinoa dish from the argentinian andes


As with Buenos Aires the Italian influence is still powerful in the rest of the country and pasta will always be an option, even in parilla (barbeque) eateries. There is usually a choice of sauces and pastas with the vegetarian options being sometimes, cheese and tomato pesto. Nonetheless, pasta makes a filling meal (two can probably share one piece) and can be found in various fashions on our menu.

buenos aires pasta and pizza restaurant


Like pasta, pizza is readily discovered with vegetarian toppings. Pizza is popular in Argentina but the quality isn’t comparable to Italian Pizza at all. Latins prefer Pizza with thick bases and plenty of cheese.

Don’t hesitate to request our service personell for vegetarian dishes of the day as well as the chef’s recommendations.

What makes Argentine Beef so special and unique?

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Argentine Beef is renowned for its excellent quality and taste. If you wonder why argentinian beef tastes better, move on and read this article about beef from Argentina.

The cows are of another variety from the one raised in other states renowned for steak, Brazil for example. The cattle in Argentina is associated with the lines increased in North America and Europe where the weather is colder in some areas. The cows have more fat, which helps to make sure they stay warm in winter months and is stocky. That makes a major difference in the quality of argentine beef. The pampas are an area that is level, plus in addition, it helps to keep the meat more tender. Cows from mountainous areas tends to have more powerful muscular tissues, which may be really tasty, but needs to be cooked in a manner that is completely different.

argentinian cow cattle

Traditionally cows are fed by Argentinians with high quality natural grass. The extravagance of raising ranging cattle on productive lands that might be utilized to create harvests could be well understood in the standard of argentine beef. This allows for the cow to have a suitable ratio, quality as well as a high quality meat and distribution of fat. In opposite cattle in feed lots with their force grow with hormones, no room to go and abnormal processed food creates more oily cattle with low quality, poorly spread stiff and fat meat.

cows in Argentina

Argentinian cuts are simply the greatest, period. Argentinians do a better job dividing the elements of the meat that need that offer more and different preparation procedures flavor. One perfect example is picanha, which was unknown in Brazil 30 years ago, and now’s the conventional churrasco cut. It is part of the back quarter which does not have any observable section from the remaining part of the bit; it isn’t a different muscle, and the butcher has to understand where to cut it, mainly by his expertise.

argentinian beef steak in different cuts

Argentine steak has more (and better distributed) fat. It is manner soft and has a flavor that is considerably richer and better. The fat is equally dispersed in the meat (it is that which we call marmorizada, but I forgot how it is called in english). The fat melts down and helps to cook the meat equally, while keeping it damp as it does in a conventional parrilla when it cooks slowly. When the piece is being cut, the flavor of the fat of the steak comes to your nose and is just overwhelming.


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